Uncovering Roman Carlisle

An exciting heritage project that aims to unearth more of Carlisle’s Roman history will soon get underway.

The Uncovering Roman Carlisle project, which recently received a £99,000 National Lottery Heritage Fund grant is an 18-month, programme of community archaeological investigation, exhibitions, and engagement exploring Carlisle’s Roman remains. The project is being led by a partnership of Carlisle City Council, Carlisle Cricket Club, Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery and Wardell Armstrong.

The project will include a 28-day community excavation of a Roman bathhouse , discovered in 2017, on a site based within the grounds of Carlisle Cricket Club in Stanwix. Starting on Tuesday 31 August, the excavation will be undertaken by local volunteers, with supervision from professional archaeologists. A programme of engagement of local adults, families and school pupils will run throughout the excavation in September.

More than 150 volunteers have already signed up to take part in the excavation.

There are lots of ways for the community to get involved in the exciting project:

Make a visit

The site will be open every day between 9.30am - 4pm if anyone would like to stop by and see what’s happening.


The partners are looking for volunteers to be part of all stages of the excavation - no previous experience necessary! For more information on volunteering please contact idigcarlisle@wardell-armstrong.com. To sign up, please use this form.

Find Out More Sessions

Join staff from Tullie House every Friday and Saturday at 11am and 2pm for object handling and updates from the dig.

Family Drop-Ins

Hands on activities, crafting and object handling on Wednesday 1 September, Saturday 4, 11, 18 and 25 September between 10am and 12pm & 1pm and 3pm.

Image: Stuart Walker Photography

Supported through The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the project will enable local residents to sign up as volunteers and a pop-up museum and Excavation Lab on site will provide interpretation for visitors featuring frequent dig and finds updates from the excavation. 

Stanwix is the site of the largest fort on Hadrian’s Wall, and finds from the 2017 excavation suggest Carlisle was, for a period of time, the centre of the Imperial court and the Roman Empire. The remains are of international significance, being discovered on Hadrian’s Wall, part of the UNESCO Frontier of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site.

The site provides the opportunity to uncover and develop a wider understanding of Roman Carlisle that is largely unknown in relation to other significant sites on Hadrian’s Wall.

A fantastic 3D reconstruction of the 2017 excavation can be found here

Image: Stuart Walker Photography