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Tullie House is a leading regional museum that cares for many outstanding collections of national importance, covering art, archaeology, natural history, local and social history, as well as subjects that cross these disciplines.

The building has been a museum since 1893, when it opened in combination with an art school and library; today the Tullie name symbolises heritage, art, creativity and quality. Tullie House is a well-known and much loved museum; it also has strong local support and benefits from an increasingly high national profile.

We like to think that our museum is a special and unique place, both for our dedicated staff and our many visitors. We have a manifesto that provides a strong and vibrant vision for our museum, but we cannot deliver any of our ambitions without knowledgeable, experienced and passionate staff; without them we wouldn't be the success that we are.

Andrew Mackay - Museum Director

Volunteer Gallery Engagers

Are you passionate about history, art or nature? Are you keen to give some of your time to support a cherished local charity?

The museum is looking to recruiting a new team of Volunteer Gallery Engagers to help bring our spaces and collections to life.

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How to Volunteer

Did you know that you can volunteer at Tullie House?

We have lots of different opportunities, from supporting the curators who look after our world-class collections, to helping maintain our lovely gardens.

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